Herat Earthquake Appeal

The 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck on Saturday 25 miles (40 kilometers) west of Herat city in the western Herat province – the third largest in Afghanistan. It was one of the deadliest quakes to hit Afghanistan in years.

Entire villages were flattened, bodies were trapped under collapsed houses and locals waited for help without even shovels to dig people out, according to latest reports death toll nears 3000 deaths, with more than 8000 injured.

As-Salaam Foundation has launched an urgent appeal to provide humanitarian aid to those affected by the effects of the earthquake.

The aid may be in the form of food packs, medical support, cash assistance and temporary shelter, but will be determined based on what is required at the moment.

As-Salaam Foundation will be working with local on-the-ground partners who are assisting those in need during these difficult times and a team from As-Salaam Foundation will also be deployed in the region shortly.

We call on everyone to donate generously to our brothers and sisters who need our assistance.