InshaAllah As-Salaam Centre as like previous years will be arranging Qurbani in the following countries:
• India • Pakistan
• Afghanistan
• Gambia • Syria
• Madinah Munawwarah

These will be carried out by our appointed representatives in those countries or via our trusted charities to ensure this virtuous act is carried out responsibly and according to the Sharia. Please see below for some important factors to note regarding your Qurbani.


Some important factors to note regarding your qurbani.

Our Qurbani usually takes place in partnership with various educational institutes. The institutes may give the proceeds of the skin to the students to fund their educational course.

For your Qurbani, As-Salaam Foundation and its partners are authorised representative (wakīl) to make all the arrangements at every stage, from purchasing the qurbani animal until distributing the meat etc. Additionally, the estimated cost of the expenses for the transportation, feed, feeding, butchers’ wages and any other needs or arrangements will be paid from the amount you have paid. After all these expenses, if some money remains then As-Salaam Foundation and its partners can spend it in any charitable cause at their own discretion.

If there are any major price adjustments, we will contact you inshaAllah.