Zakah Fund

Your Zakat provides essential assistance to Muslims facing difficulties in paying bills, securing food for their families, and meeting their basic needs. With more people worldwide experiencing desperate situations than ever before, immediate support is crucial. We are diligently distributing your Zakat across various communities globally to address these pressing needs.

We allocate the funds towards the primary category of Zakat – aiding the poor and needy. Our commitment to delivering your donations is paramount, and we approach this responsibility with utmost seriousness. We understand that we are answerable to you, to the individuals we assist, and ultimately, to Allah.

The distribution of your funds may take various forms, including cash donations, food parcels, essential supplies, as well as books and educational resources. Our priority is to ensure that recipients receive these donations in a dignified manner that meets their specific needs.

Kindly be informed that we will distribute the amount received by us after deducting any fees charged by the payment processing company. To prevent underpayment, we strongly recommend selecting the option to cover the fees, ensuring that the correct due amount is received.